Adopt-A-Room Program

Have you ever wished when you came to retreat at Mountain Home that the accommodations were perhaps a little better? Did you lay down to sleep at night and wish the beds were a little more comfortable? Did you wish for a plush carpet to walk on? Did you wish for a brighter light to read by at night? Did you wish for a desk to sit down at and write a letter or two? Your wishes can come true if YOU choose to join our Adopt-A-Room Program and make a difference. Did you know that the Mountain Home was built in the 1930’s and not much has changed with the accomodations since then?

In May 1997, the Board of Directors and staff of Mountain Home chose to begin making a difference. During 1997, the Board of Directors and staff refurbished room #4. We took everything out of the room and replaced it. We replaced it with bed frames, mattresses, bed spreads, pillows, carpet, aluminum framed windows, curtains, door knobs, oak switch plates, light fixtures, desk & chair, oak coat rack and even the trash can! Ceiling repairs were made and fresh paint was applied to the room. We installed an outdoor sensor light too. Two gold-colored plaques now grace the doors to room #4 honoring the Board of Directors and Staff.

Does this sound like something you and/or your church group would be interested in? If so, this is how it works:

1. Choose a room(s) to fully refurbish with new or used (In great condition, of course) furnishings.

2. Oversee the funding, refurbishment and supervision of your project.

3. When your room is finished, the Mountain Home will place a beautiful gold-colored plaque on the door to honor you and/or your church group.

If you are ready to make a difference at Mountain Home or would like more information on the Adopt-A-Room program, contact us either by mail at Mountain Home Desert Retreat, 6221 W. Sierra Highway, Acton, CA 93510. You can telephone us at 661.269.1948 or E-Mail us today: {CLICK HERE}.

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