Everywhere we go, to work, to school, to the supermarket, to the bank, to Grandma's house, even to the Mountain Home Desert Retreat, there are rules and regulations. It doesn't really matter whether we like them or not, they are here to protect us, as well as you. We are not trying to restructure your environment; we are simply attempting to establish guidelines that will enable everyone on these premises to have a meaningful experience with Creator God.

      Directly below you will have three choices to view the requirements of the Mountain Home Desert Retreat.

      To open the pages and/or print out your copy, just click on the "
      English", "Spanish", or "Korean" Buttons.

      We trust you'll enjoy your stay with us, and that the Blessings of Jesus that you take home with you, will remain dynamic in your Christian life through the power of Holy Spirit until you visit with us again.

MH Rock Chapel

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