English Regulations & Information

    ~         All guests must make reservations. No “Drop-ins” are allowed!

    ~         Remember, people come to Mountain Home for rest, for prayer, for meditation, and for quiet spiritual refreshment.
                Let us all help to maintain this retreat for that purpose.

    ~         Water is very precious! We are on a very limited water well supply. Please conserve in every way possible.
                Please report any leaky faucet or toilet to the manager.

    ~         Our bottled gas and electricity are very expensive.
                Please turn off the lights and heaters when leaving your room or the restrooms.

    ~         NO PETS are allowed with guests or in any rooms, anywhere on Mountain Home property.

    ~         NO smoking or alcohol is allowed anywhere on Mountain Home property.

    ~         Open fires are absolutely prohibited anywhere on Mountain Home property.

    ~         Solicitation of funds or distribution of literature is not permitted anywhere on Mountain Home property,
                unless approved by the manager.

    ~         When walking on the campgrounds, PLEASE STAY WITHIN THE FENCED BOUNDARIES.
                We respect our neighbors and do not want to trespass on their property.

    ~         Because it is not always possible to clean the rooms after each guest leaves,
                please leave your room as clean and neat as possible.

    ~         Trash is to be placed in marked cans behind the main kitchen, on the patio or near your room.
                All other garbage is to be placed in the dumpster near the tabernacle.

    ~         ALL GUESTS MUST BE QUIET and in your room or chapel between 1O:00PM & 7:00AM
                When night meetings extend past this time, a curfew starts when the meeting is finished.
                Preachers, Elders and/or Leaders  MUST RESPECT THE QUIET HOURS.   NO EXCEPTIONS!

    ~         NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED! This is because of damage caused in the past by undisciplined, unsupervised children.
                Special permission by the manager is the only exception to this rule.

    ~         COOKING MEALS IS NOT ALLOWED in guest's rooms unless prior arrangements have been made with the manager.

    ~         For your convenience, there is a pop machine, public telephone and drinking fountain
                located on the patio next to the main dining room.

                This would include moving furniture, pictures, screws, nails, writing on walls, posters, bumper stickers, etc.

    ~         The MOUNTAIN HOME is supported Only By Your Donations. We receive support from no other source.
                Your donation to this non-profit work is tax deductible and we can provide you with a receipt on request.
                Please remember, the more you conserve gas, electricity and water...
                the more we'll have from your donations to fix up rooms, grounds and all facilities.

    ~         When you stay with us, it is necessary for you to have completed your registration card.
                Check out with the manager or person in charge.

        Thank you.

MH Rock Chapel

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