This past year has been extreme in the area of finances for Mountain Home.

Donations have been slow and the amount of our bills continue to rise.
We imagine you've probably noticed similar increases in your own families' budget as well.

We've seen the cost of crude oil reach the highest levels in history.
Thus, our gasoline products have skyrocketed, as well as the LPG (propane) we use for heating and cooking.

Your increased use of Mountain Home facilities, extra tithing and larger donations would be greatly appreciated anytime.

During the months of July and August, more folks take vacation trips, so traditionally we've been slower this time of year.

We look forward to your next visit, and hope you will find it within your means to stay a little longer than last time.

God Bless you abundantly and please keep Mountain Home in your offerings and daily prayers.

We are ALL in His service together!

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