1930’s to 1960’s:

December 31, 1931, John and Fred Off donated part of their property to Christ Faith Mission, a Los Angeles, California, based ministry. This dedication was made in memory of their mother, Mary Off. Mary was a friend to Arglee "Mother" Green.

Mother Green operated a mission in downtown Los Angeles, helping needy women and runaway girls. She purchased the "Pisgah Home" property in Highland Park (A suburb of Los Angeles), about 1927. She, and her sister, Lela Jones, renamed it "Echo Home", and started immediate renovation. When the Mountain Home property was donated to Christ Faith Mission, Mother Green came here to build another branch of her downtown ministry.

People came from all over the country to receive the care-taking ministries of Mother Green. While they were being helped by her labors, they too, labored in love to create the beautiful buildings of Mountain Home from native rock.

Mother Green's "Castle"

In the summer of 1950, The Rev. H. J. Smith, wife Sarah and family, arrived at the Echo Home, where he was to become Secretary to the Board of Directors, and Operations Director for Christ Faith Mission, Inc.

Among the dozens of things Rev. Smith did, he added still more diversity and human caring to the outreach ministry of Mother Green’s, Christ Faith Mission, and Mountain Home.

Rev. H.J. & Sarah Smith

Camp meetings, held under large tents, were held on holiday weekends, and sometimes continued for weeks at a time. From dusk till after dawn, the sounds of music and praising God could be heard. Starting early for breakfast then to services and lunch and services and dinner and more services, the power of God worked! For many decades the camp meetings went on.

Mother Green eventually passed away; "Brother" Smith carried on. His ministries of salvation and healing eventually went world-wide, through publication of the "Herald of Hope", and radio broadcast "Hope For Today" Both were identified as, "The Voice of Pisgah", a reference to the close association with the "Pisgah Home Movement", in Pikeville, Tennessee, dba "HavenRest Farm".

1968 to present:

Viola, one of Brother Smith’s daughters, married John C. Hoover; they moved from Los Angeles to Mountain Home, and together filled the vacancy as managers of the retreat. Viola and John raised two daughters, Lisa and Christy. Viola continues today as President, & CEO. Lisa M. Medina follows their tradition and serves as a director, and Christy A. Tew continues their legacy, serving as Vice President & CFO, to the Board of Directors.


                CHRISTY & LISA

January 1, 1994, Brother Smith passed away, but his work is being carried on by each and every member of his family (And most of their families, as well), and other dedicated people answering the call to Christian service, too. 

Up here, groups or individuals, can escape the "big city" and come away to worship God, in the peace and tranquility of this high desert retreat. Some come to fast and pray for days, or weeks at a time. 

For others, just an hour or two away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there awaits a spiritually reviving experience. Many church groups come away for a weekend retreat, scheduling their own services, meals, and activities.

MH Rock Chapel

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