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Reservations should be made well ahead of time, especially for group retreats.

Reservations can be made by calling:

E-mail us today: {CLICK HERE}

Print out and fill in ALL fields on the Postal Form shown below.

Suggested Overnight Donations: $25.00 per person, per night...
Our suggested donation is barely enough to cover basic utilities, including Gas, Electricity & Water.
A larger donation would be encouraged, and a greatly appreciated blessing.

NOTICE: You must bring your own BEDDING and LINENS, and your own BOTTLED DRINKING WATER.
Further, it is recommended you bring seasonal clothing, i.e. heavy coats, and footgear for winter weather,
and light, cool clothes for the summertime months (A hat is a real good idea, anytime !).

HIGHLIGHT the Postal Form window below, set your printer's orientation to Landscape, and print a copy.

SEND this completed postal form to: MOUNTAIN HOME RETREAT,  PO Box 838, Acton, CA 93510-0838

        Your Name: ________________________________________________________________

        Name of Group and/or Church: ________________________________________________________

        Number of Individuals in Your Group: ____________

        Dates You Would Like To Stay: {from}_____________________ {to} _____________________

        Total Nights Planned: ________

        Your Phone Number: (        ) ______________________ Your E-Mail: ____________@_______________

        Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________


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