2018 Board Members

Board Members

A Little More About Us

The Officers and Board of Directors are all very special to Mountain Home. Each one has their personal ties to Brother Smith (Founder of Mountain Home). Each one of them is following in his footsteps in their own way, in service to our Lord as well as to our fellow brothers and sisters.  

2019 marks big and exciting changes for Mountain Home. It’s time to further spread the word and love of the Lord and make the changes needed to be able to accept more into our house of worship. Mountain Home has meant so much to us over the years and the history of our roots run deep. We want to further share the blessing we’ve been a part of our entire lives. 

Each officer and board member has seemingly been blessed with induvial skills that can deeply benefit the operations. With family growing, we are pleased to be able to share it and further our Father, Grandfather, Friend and Brother’s memory and work.

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President - CEO


Christy A. Tew

2nd Vice President

Vice President Ryan Tew

Ryan E. Tew

1st Vice President

Second Vice President Sarah Tew

Sarah E. Tew


secretary Vivian J. Detiege

Vivian J. Detiege


Viola E. Hoover Daughter of Reverend Smith and current caretaker of the property

Viola E. Hoover

Board of Directors

John C. Hoover

Husband of Viola and father of Lisa and Christy. John C. Hoover

David L. Detiege

Husband of Vivian E. Detiege David L. Detiege is often the resident photographer during visits.

Lisa M. Medina

Lisa M. Medina is the daughter of John and Viola and mother to Vanessa and Kayla

Kayla L. Hines

Kayla L. Hines is grand daughter to john and viola, and daughter of lisa

Vanessa E. Hagglund

Vanessa E. Hagglund is granddaughter to john and viola and daughter to lisa

Michael A. Hagglund

Michael A. Hagglund is married to Vanessa


Richard Kim