Our History


Mother Green's Castle - 1931

 December 31, 1931, John and Fred Off donated property in Acton (now Mountain Home) to Christ Faith Mission in memory of their mother, Mary Off.  Christ Faith Mission was ran by Mother Green.

Mother Green operated a mission in downtown Los Angeles, helping needy women. She purchased Pisgah (renamed Echo Home) in 1927. The property in Highland Park (LA County) has since been donated and turned into low income senior housing in 2012. 

People came from all over the country to receive the ministries of Mother Green. While they were being helped by her labors...  they too, labored in love to create the beautiful buildings of Mountain Home from native rock. 


20 Years Later...

 In the summer of 1950, Reverand H. J. Smith, wife Sarah and family, arrived at Echo Home, where he was to become Secretary to the Board of Directors, and Operations Director for Christ Faith Mission, Inc. 

Among the dozens of things Rev. Smith did, he added still more diversity and human caring to the outreach ministry of Mother Green’s, Christ Faith Mission, and Mountain Home.

Once Mother Green passed away, Brother Smith carried on his ministries of salvation and healing  went world-wide, through publication of the "Herald of Hope", and radio broadcast "Hope For Today"


Carrying on our Faith

1968 to present: Viola, daughter of Brother Smith, married John Hoover and relocated from Los Angeles to Mountain Home, and together filled the vacancy as managers of the retreat.

Since then, the family legacy has expanded. Their daughter Christy is now President of Mountain Home. Christy's son Ryan and daughter-in-law, Sarah, are 1st and 2nd Vice President. John and Viola's eldest daughter, Lisa, continues to serve on the board as well as her 2 daughters,  Kayla Hines and Vanessa Hagglund and son-in-law, Michael Hagglund.